1. Find Inspiration 

Before you hire a photographer it’s good to know what you want. Think about the types of memories you want to create. To do this you can search for style inspiration on sites like Pinterest or Instagram.


2. Provide a Shot List

By providing a shot list you can make sure the photographer has the best chance of capturing the moments that mean the most to you. Which family members do you want together? Where do you want to position the birthday girl/boy? Is there a special place by the church where you want your wedding photos to be taken? All this will help you and the photographer.

3. Provide An Itnerary

Whether your photographer is shooting a birthday or a wedding, providing an itinerary helps the photographer know exactly when certain events will occur. This will help them have enough time to be in position to capture the events so they don’t miss anything.

how to make the most of your perth photographer

4. Get To Know Your Photographer

For important photoshoots like weddings or large budget corporate shoots it’s important to meet with your photographer to plan out the event so everything can run smoothly. This can be via a phone call or to make sure the photographer is at the event 15-30 minutes before to run through the schedule.

how to make the most of your perth photographer

5. Provide a backdrop

Some photographers provide backdrops, otherwise you can hire them or make your own! Backdrops make for a more organised event and can make the party even more fun.

perth photographer

6. Go With The Flow

Let your photographer do their thing. They will work better! 

perth photographer

7. Trust Your Photographers Lead

If you’re the subject of the photo don’t think to much, ride the wave and let the photographer direct you.

perth photographer wedding

8. Introduce Them To Guests

Mingling with guests is apart of the photographers job. As the host you can make it easier for the photographer (to approach the guest and photograph them) as well as for the guests (they will feel more comfortable being photographed). By doing this everyone feels more comfortable (even before the alchohol!) which allows for more expressive photos to be taken.

perth photographer

9. Walk around and get people to take photos with you!

You know the people. The photographer doesn’t! One of the best things a photography client can do to help get more great photos if walk around the birthday/celebration/event and ask people to take photos with them. 

10. Make sure the photographer has time for post processing

Good edits take time. You want to ensure the photographer puts their all into editing your photo so you have a more beautiful photograph to look back on. By rushing the process you may rush the edits. However if they are taking longer than 7 days to send back the edits, try get an update from them.